Sennen Station

Early History

Not much information is available on the early history of this station due to the custom of retaining records for a limited period of time, after which they are destroyed. The information we do have is from the research of Station Officer Dave Jackson MBE and from the kind help of many local people with good, long memories.


Sennen Coastguard Station was built in the 1812 and consisted of a row of eight houses, a fuel house and a store which housed the Rocket Cart and Rescue Equipment and Mr Phillips of Mayon Farm supplied a team of horses to haul the cart. A building, which now forms part of the cove Mini Market, was used to house the Revenue Cutters which were manned by the Coastguard Service for the purposes of preventing smuggling and for saving life at sea. At the time the Coastguard Headquarters was located in nearby Penzance.


In 1891 a granite lookout was built on the cliffs at Ped-Men-Due and this still stands although it is now used as a store by the National Trust. The building was renovated and secured exactly 100 years after it was built by two members of the Team, Colin McClary & Roy Coatman!

A pole, for the purpose of training
in the use of the rocket line and Breeches Buoy, was erected on the

Green below Carn Olva.

In later years it was relocated to Tower Farm and finally sited in a field in front of Sea View House until, having no further use, was removed during the late 1940's. Training was then carried out across the gully between Ring Cairn and Ped-Men-Due.